The performance of the composite shafts is crucial for the systems to work effectively in a wide variety of industries such as automotive and aerospace.

Most used cases are:

  • Propeller blades, propulsion shafts,
  • Truss section decking, landing pads
  • Drive shafts
  • Biomedical devices

Main purpose of a composite shaft is to transmit torque and forces efficiently as well as providing weight reduction. In this case, acquiring desired performance and efficiency is only possible with accurately connected parts. With our knowledge and gained experience about adhesive technology, we offer a composite shaft design which provides the proper contact and force transmission between shaft and couplings (mostly metals are used).

Composite Shaft Analysis

Analysis-Composite Shaft

Contact regions of the connection parts with composite shaft are specially designed in order to transmit high torque values by using appropriate cross-section profile. We are capable of selecting the adhesive depending on your system characteristics. Depending on your system, mechanical connection can be implemented as well as adhesive connection.

Our engineered solutions and cutting edge manufacturing processes specialized in composite shaft gives advantages such as:

  • Long Fatigue Life
  • High Stiffness
  • Effective Solution
  • Desired Performance
  • High-Quality Ply Wrapping (or Orientations)

Weight Comparison of Composite Shaft

Specific Stiffness Comparison of Composite Shaft